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These Quick Guide cards (included with the game)
give an overview of each turn in Mulligan.
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Q: What happens if multiple Action cards cause a club's distance to be halved at the same time?

A: The distance is only halved once.

Q: Can I play a Play-Anytime card in place of an Action card?

A: No, if you played a Play-Anytime card as an Action by accident put it back in your hand and play no Action this turn. Play-Anytime cards can be played at any other time during the game, but not as Action cards.

Q: What if I go past the hole marker?

A: Your shot will always be aimed towards the hole, so if you overshoot the hole your next shot will be aimed back up the board towards the hole.

Q: Can I aim my shot away from the hole intentionally?

A: No; you must always shoot towards the hole.

Q: Can I play Actions on the 1-Putt card?

A: Yes you can play any Action on the 1-Putt card, but the 1-Putt card's distance cannot be altered as a result. For example, A Slice or a Hook will effectively do nothing to a 1-Putt. The Water Action will not change a 1-Putt's distance, but the penalty stroke will still apply.

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